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Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Our car hire Italy service provides superb value for money and is available in hundred of locations throughout the country. Renting a car in Italy could hardly be easier using our cost comparison booking engine. All you have to do is enter your preferred pick up point and dates and allow our booking engine to compare the market finding the best deals available.

Year on year the allure of Italy just gets stronger and stronger. It is an idyllic location with so much to offer its visitors. It’s easy to get to Italy with an abundance of cheap flights on offer run by air carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Aer Lingus to name just a few.

Accommodation can be easily found at cheap prices particularly when using cost comparison websites. The food of course is in a world of its own while many people love to sample some sumptuous Italian wine. Add into the mix a healthy dollop of sunshine and plenty of beach time and you have a magnificent holiday on your hands.

Rome is easily Italy’s most renowned city. It is a hub of activity where something exciting is always happening. There are two airports in Rome. The main airport is Leonardo da Vinci while Ciampino Airport caters for several budget airlines. We offer superb Rome car hire rates. Check out our Ciampino Airport service today.

Milan is probably next on the list when it comes to famous Italian cities. There are a few choices here with Linate International Airport the closest to the city at Seven Kilometres away. Milan Malpensa Airport is further away at forty five kilometres. Many people opt for car hire at Bergamo Airport when visiting Milan due to cost. There are often considerable savings to be made when flying with a budget airline to Bergamo Airport. Another advantage to landing in Bergamo is its close proximity to ski resorts including Valle di Susa, Andermatt and Champoluc.

There are few people in the world who don’t automatically think of the leaning tower when they hear the name Pisa however there is much more to the city than just that. There is also an abundance of superb museums and historical sites to get stuck into. Located conveniently close to the city centre is Galilei Galileo Airport. Compare the cost of  our car hire Pisa services today using our booking engine.

On to Venice and what a city it is! There is simply no place like it in the world. Traveling by boat is the only way to go. Grab a Water Taxi or Gondola and breathe in the peaceful surroundings of this mesmerizing city. Admire the stunning architecture that surrounds you taking in all the palaces and cathedrals. Marco Polo Airport serves the area well with a good choice of flights available. Our Venice service is available all year round.

Brindisi is a city which has certainly benefited from tourism in the last few years. It is an excellent landing point for visitors wishing to explore the south of Italy. There are numerous beaches to enjoy while Greece is just a short ferry ride away if you fancy popping over. Papola Casale Airport is the official name of Brindisi Airport. Here you will find six Brindisi desks.

Many people arrive into Bologna with their final destination being Venice, Milan or Florence. It is also an excellent landing point for those going on a ski holiday. There are some excellent nearby resorts such as Cimone, Cutigliano and Frassinoro Piandelagotti. You will of course want to sample some spaghetti Bolognese while in Bologna for obvious reasons. Get a cheap Bologna quote here right now.

We offer some of the cheapest Italy deals you will find anywhere. Compare our prices today and you will see the difference in our rates. Its an excellent way to discover the country.