Airport Car Rental or Downtown Car Rental?

For most people collecting their prebooked car at the airport makes perfect sense as the vast majority of people arriving in Italy do so by air however occasionally it may be more practical to pick up your rental car at a downtown location.

This unfortunately is not as easy as it would seem. Opening hours tend to be much less regular at downtown pick up points. For instance if you want to collect the car in the evening you may find that there are no cars available. Typical locations for pickups in town tend to be train stations, bus stations and ports.

These locations may only be open during busy periods of the day i.e. when a ferry is due to arrive or during regular working hours at certain train stations. There is simply not the demand to sustain full time car hire staff at these locations as over ninety percent of rentals cars are picked up at the airport.

There are plenty of other advantages to booking at the airport rather than downtown. One major advantage is choice (particularly at large airports). This is particularly true for last minute bookings however given enough advanced warning you should be able to pick up your preferred vehicle downtown.

Try plenty of variations of searches with our booking engine and see what works out best. You may end up deciding to pick up downtown and drop off at the airport depending on your schedule.