Automatic Car Rental in Italy

If wish to hire an automatic car in Italy you can narrow down your search by simply selecting that option in the class category in our booking engine.

Many people consider the merits of an automatic car to be outweighed by the power offered by a manual transmission however if you are used to driving an automatic car then it makes sense to hire one for any trips away.

In general it tends to be a little more expensive to hire an automatic.  Do a quick search on our booking engine for an automatic car pickup on the 11th of July and you will find a reasonable choice of twenty four cars ranging from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes Viano 8 Seater.

So there is no need to be worried about having to use a manual transmission car on your holidays as there is still plenty of choice within the automatic field. Once you make a booking you will receive a full confirmation with instructions by email. Fill in your holiday dates now and see what’s available.