Car Rental Insurance Italy

Media outlets sometimes talk about certain pitfalls associated with hiring a car and one thing that crops up regularly is car hire excess insurance. The main issues are cost and why is it necessary.

Say you have hired a car for a week in Italy for €200. You are happy with the price and feel you have grabbed a bit of a bargain only to get to your pick up point and be offered all kinds of add-ons and warned of the perils involved by not accepting.

First of all the vast majority of rental cars come with basic collision Waiver Damage Insurance included in the rental policy. This covers damage and theft but you will still be responsible for the excess amount. The excess amount can vary but on average it is between €1000 and €2000 euro.

So say for instance there is €3500 worth of damage caused to your hire car then you could be responsible for paying one or two thousand euro toward repair. This is where car hire excess insurance comes in.

When you rent a car here you are offered the opportunity to purchase excess insurance during the booking process. You can save up to 70% on an excess insurance policy by buying during the booking process. Costs charged at pick up points tend to be around €15 per day.