Car Hire Italy in Winter

While it may not be the most obvious time to visit Italy many people do so annually every winter. For some it is a decision which is enforced by a hectic summer schedule while others prefer the peace and quiet the off peak winter season offers.


Cities such as Rome can be easily reached with some excellent winter time flight specials offered by various airlines. We offer our cservice at all of Rome’s airports as well as at downtown locations. If you are flying with Ryanair then you may be landing at Ciampino Airport. We offer some of the cheapest car hire Ciampino Airport rates around.

Ski holidays are another reason for a regular winter holiday to Italy. There are an abundance of fantastic ski resorts in Italy. Cheap flights to airports in Turin, Bergamo and Trieste are easily available making skiing an affordable option.

You can arrange to have a rental car waiting for you at any of these airports by booking right here today. Our car hire at Bergamo Airport service compares the best deals available from several top local suppliers guaranteeing you an outstanding deal.  Renting a car in Turin is simple with the booking process taking just a few minutes.