Cheapest Car Hire Messina

Hiring a car in Messina makes for an excellent way to take in as much of this amazing location as possible. Cheap rental cars are easy to find with just one click of our price comparison engine. So whether you want to pick up in Catania, Palermo, Trapani, Messina or elsewhere on the island we have got you covered.

Located in the North East of Sicily, Messina is the third biggest city on the island. It is a two hundred and thirty kilometre drive from Palermo. The city was badly damaged during war times but has been rebuilt to former glories over the years. Similar to most places in Sicily you will find lots of interesting sites, great food and fun things to do in Messina.

The cities cathedral contains the remains of Conrad the former King of Germany. The cathedral was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1908 however after much work it was restored. Again in the 2nd world war it was destroyed again but the resilient lot that the locals are once again rebuilt it. The bell tower actually holds the biggest astronomical clock worldwide. Look out for the animated statues which narrate historical events every day at lunchtime and no you are not seeing a religious miracle 😉

Another recommended stop is the Silk Mill which showcases art from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. Check out the garden at the back for some exquisite statues. Those wishing to take in some sunshine should head for Mortelle where you will find some wonderful beaches. It is just an eleven kilometre drive in your car hire Messina.