Cheapest Car Hire Milan

Milan is the 2nd biggest city in Italy.  There are plenty of low cost options for Irish people wishing to visit.

Aer Lingus offer flights to Milan Linate Airport from Dublin Airport and flights to Milan Malpensa Airport from Belfast International Airport and Dublin Airport.

Ryanair offer flights to Bergamo Airport from Dublin Airport.

• Linate International Airport is 7km from Milan
• Milan Malpensa Airport is 45km from Milan.
• Bergamo Airport is 45km from Milan.

If you have an interest in art then Milan is the city for you. Go and take a close up look at Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Milan is steeped in artistic history with plenty of art gallery’s well worth visiting.

One for architecture lovers to check out is the Duomo which is the 3rd largest church in the world. It took some four hundred and fifty years to build beginning in 1386. It was finally completed in 1805 by Napoleon. The beautiful gothic style of the church is certainly something to admire.

The Castello Sforzesco was built in 1386 and is situated in the centre of Milan. Here you will find plenty of excellent museums which feature work by many great Italian artists including Michelangelo.

Soccer is incredibly popular in Milan and is close to a religion for many of the local team’s followers. AC Milan and Inter Milan are the 2 main sides in the city and are bitter rivals. The San Siro stadium is home to both clubs. Daily tours are available at the stadium that includes tours of the pitch side and dressing rooms.

Milan is also world famous for its fashion and is home to many top fashion designers. The top shopping spots are located near the city centre. These shops can get extremely busy whenever there is a sale on.

You may find having a car useful during your stay in Milan. Our service is available all year round. This service includes Linate Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport and Bergamo Airport as well as downtown Milan pickups.