Cheapest Car Hire Naples

Wherever you are in Italy, we have a car rental pick up point near by. If your starting point is in Naples then take a look at one of our Naples Airport deals.

Naples (Napoli) is located in the south of Italy. Famed as the father of pizza, Naples is the largest city to the south of Rome. Like many Italian cities there is no shortage of architectural delights to check out with a choice of Renaissance and Medieval delights on offer.

Castel dell’Ovo which is nearby the port houses a museum which makes for an interesting visit. A trek to the city centre will bring you to the Royal Palace as well as the Church of San Francesco di Paola.

However since you have arrived at our car hire Italy site, I presume you intend to hire a car so you will want to know about places to discover within reasonable driving distances from Naples.

There are plenty of options for car hire touring outside Naples. The first port of call would be Mount Vesuvius. Here you will find one of the most recently (don’t worry. It was a long long time ago) active volcano’s in Europe. Over three million people live in close proximity to the volcano and it is considered to still be a risk. Mount Vesuvius is a short nine kilometer drive from Naples.

Pompeii is close by and also worth a visit. This city was destroyed by a volcano eruption in 79AD. There are still remains which can be seen at the site which give an indication of how roman life was.

Sorrento is a destination which has become very popular with the Irish over the years. Our car hire Sorrento service is available all year round. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied in Sorrento including the Punta Campanella Natural Reserve.  The city is also famous for a local lemon drink called Limoncello. There are also plenty of beaches around to relax and grab some sun. Sorrento is a 57 KM drive from Naples.

Other locations surrounding Naples worth paying a visit to include Amalfi, Salerno and Paestrum. Pastreum dates back to the seventh century BC and is a fascinating historical site.