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Guide to Pisa

Pisa is of course world famous for its leaning tower. Thousands of tourists descend on the city everyday with the leaning tower always the first stop. It is without doubt seen as a symbol of Italy all over the world.


Irish visitors flying into the Galilei Galileo Airport in Pisa will be pleased to know that the airport is located very close to the city centre. Ryanair offer flights from Dublin Airport to Pisa.

Leaning Tower

Despite rumours to the contrary the leaning part is actually intentional. In the early 90’s over eighty million dollars was spent on the restoration of the tower. Visits to the tower must be booked in advance as it can only accommodate 30 people at a time. The cost of admission is fifteen euro.

The tower is located in the same area as two of Pisa’s other architectural delights – the Duomo and the Baptistery which are in the northwest of the city on the Campo Dei Miracoli or in English – Field of Miracles. Combination tickets can be bought for these attractions.

Pisa Cathedral

The Cathedral (Duomo) in Pisa was designed in part by Bonanno who was also one of the architects responsible for the leaning tower. The cathedral features unique bronze doors towards the rear of the building.

In 1959 many items in the cathedral were unfortunately destroyed by fire however one piece that luckily survived was the mosaic of Christ Pantocrator.  Pisano designed the pulpit in the cathedral. It is an extremely unique piece that is worth examining close up.

Museo delle Sinopie

Other attractions well worth visiting in Pisa include Museo delle Sinopie which houses sketches of the frescos which were ruined during the Campo Santo fire. These sketches are now considered works of art in their own right.

Palazzo della Carovana

Also if time permits try get around to visiting Palazzo della Carovana , Palazzo dell’Orologio, the botanical gardens, and the vibrant markets of Piazza Vettovaglie.