Choosing the Right Italian Car Rental

One thing we certainly offer here at is a wide range of choice. Using the drop down menu on our booking engine you can choose between ten car class types or choose “all” to see everything.

So what kind of trip are you planning? Is it a family holiday where you will need plenty of space for the kids and lots of luggage. Perhaps you are planning a romantic trip for two and would like to choose from one of our premium vehicles or maybe you are looking for a simple budget vehicle to get around as cheaply as possible.

If it’s the family option than a people carrier may be your best bet. These vehicles range from five seaters to nine seaters. Keep in mind exactly how much luggage you are bringing as you want to be comfortable and not have a suitcase sitting on your lap ?.

Italy can of course be quite humid during the summer so it’s certainly worth considering an air conditioned car. You can search by this class if you want to be absolutely sure it is provided.

Think of exactly what you require for your trip before booking so as to get the most out of your Italian adventure.