High Speed Italian Trains

Probably not the thing you would expect to read about on a car hire Italy website however according to recent plans unveiled by Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori. Italy will have a high speed rail network by 2011.

The fleet will consist of 25 trains which will be capable of reaching speeds of up to two hundred and twenty five miles per hour. The system will be called Italo and will connect several Italian cities including Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan, Turin and Bologna. It is expected to cut an hour off the current train time from Rome to Milan.

The train service in Italy has not enjoyed the best of reputations throughout the years with accusations of poor timekeeping and substandard facilities surfacing regularly. Giuseppe Sciarrone, spoke on behalf of NTV stating that this was good news for Italy as it would give the public a better transport option.

The French company Alstom have won the manufacturing contract for the trains.