People Carrier Hire Italy

Are you planning a trip to Italy with a large extended family or group of friends? You may wish to select the people carrier hire option under class then when searching for the cheapest car hire Italy deals.

Sometimes the number of people is the only thing considered but if you are bringing a lot of gear with you on long drives you are going to want to be comfortable.

7 Seater Car Hire Italy

Seven and nine seater cars are the easiest type of people carrier to find though some locations may have twelve seaters available. Visit for  more info.

people carrier

If you are planning a trip with close friends it could work out as a cheap option rather than hiring separate smaller cars. There would also be fuel savings to take into account.

Automatic or Manual Minibus or Minivan

There are automatic and manual vehicles to choose from. A roof rack could be an add on option worth considering if not already included. This could be especially useful if bringing sports gear with you.

People Carrier Hire Italy

People carrier’s are extremely popular at this time of year so start searching now whether it’s Rome, Venice, Pisa, Naples or anywhere else in Italy if you want one. The best prices and widest range of vehicles can be found by booking well in advance.