Seeking Family Fun in Milan

Guest Article from our friend Gianni


It is often said that families touring far-off destinations find it difficult to find places where the entire family can indulge itself. However, in Milan you wouldn’t face such an issue because Milan’s Dutch Forum hosts the Ludica throughout the year. This is basically an Italian festival that is centered on popular table games and it combines many traditional indoor play formats. It is known for presenting a platform for children to express their creativity. Further more, parents too can have a good time, trying their hand at various workshops and demonstrations of new products that are often merged with the Ludica tournament.

Explore the Best in Music:

La Notte di San Lorenzo Festival

Among the many music festivals that are held here, the La Notte di San Lorenzo Festival has emerged as one annual event that has engaged the most loyal following from patrons in and around Milan.

In fact, it is now counted among Europe’s most popular music festivals. Its venue is the Cascina Monluè which transforms itself into a giant stage for hosting music concerts that involve global artists. The entry is free of any charges and it begins a bit late in the evening, around 9.30 pm and has a reputation for carrying-on late past midnight.