Cheapest Car Hire Bologna Airport

The official name of Bologna Airport is Guglielmo Marconi Airport. It is located six kilometres to the north east side of Bologna. Compare prices from many of the cheapest car hire Bologna Airport companies using our cost comparison booking engine.

Bologna Airport

The two terminals in Bologna Airport are a short walk from one another. The airport was named after the creator of the radio Guglielmo Marconi.


There are information desks in both terminals at Bologna Airport where you can find information on the area and things to see and do. There are numerous departure and arrival screens as well as all the usual amenities such as shops, bars, restaurants etc

Bologna Guide

There are plenty of avenues to explore once you have your cheap car hire Bologna Airport booking ready to go.

Bologna itself has plenty of things worth checking out as I wrote previously. Florence is about a ninety minute drive from Bologna, Venice is a one hundred and sixty kilometre drive while Milan is a two hundred and ten kilometre trip.

Cheap Car Hire Bologna Airport

Find a cheap car hire Bologna Airport deal today. Car enthusiasts may want to take the short drive to Maranello which is the hometown of Galleria Ferrari. Here you can visit the Ferrari Museum.

Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia is less than an hour’s drive from Bologna. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the challenge of climbing the Pietra di Bismantova Mountain.

There are also some wonderful castles to check out in this area including Rossena and Canossa where supposedly King Henry IV had to plead with pope Gregory to overturn an excommunication.